As you gather bids for door refinishing, you may be offered an extremely low price. Beware, for there’s probably a reason for that (either hidden costs or lack of experience). At Lone Star Door Refinishing, we are 100% up front about all of our pricing from the beginning. There are no hidden costs, and we deliver high-quality results.

Doors, garages, pergolas, decks, railing, and anything wood!

Package #1 Standard Size Door 6'8"

starting at $299/side

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Package #2 Double Doors / French Doors 6'8"

starting at $599/side

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Package #3 8' Door

starting at $349/side

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Package #4 Double 8" Doors / French Doors

starting at $699/side

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Package #5 Metal Doors

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Package #6 Garage Doors

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Railing, stairs, fences, decks, floors

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Armor Coat * Additional Protection * By adding 3 additional coats of Marine Grade Spar Urethane w/UV protection (Armor Coat) to your Beautiful Front door now, you are extending the life of your doors finish.

starting at $50/each

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Side Lites and Transoms


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Maintenance* Light sand, stain and application of urethane

starting at $199/side

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Other Services Replace bottom weather strip (if needed) $50 Replace weatherstrip around frame $95 Replace brass weatherstrip $125 Fitting new hardware $45 Trim $150-250

The Process

What to expect:

Step 1. We start by arriving at your door ON TIME. Then we'll briefly discuss what color stain you want on your door. We have a large sample book for you to choose from.

Step 2. Next, we remove the hardware from the door and carefully remove the door form its hinges, placing the door on sawhorses.

Step 3. Immediately after removing the door from its hinges, we put a fitted drop cloth over the entry way to keep the air in your home and those unwanted guests outside!

Step 4. We'll begin to chemically strip the door down to bare wood.

Step 5. We sand the entire door down using a fine grit sand paper.

Step 6. We wipe down the door and make sure it's free of any dust, and then will prepare it for stain.

Step 7. We apply the stain of your choice to the door.

Step 8. We apply bottom weatherstripping.

Step 9. We apply four coats of spar-marine urethane.

Step 10. We carefully hang the door back on its hinges.

Step 11. We put the hardware back on. Each door comes with a one year warranty. Other warranty options area available up to four years.

Give your door a makeover We are ready to serve you!

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  • Juston Wilson

    Tyler is a master of his craft. It's great to see someone who takes the time and truly cares about their quality of work. He takes the time to make sure you're happy with his work before he's finished. 5 stars for service and customer care.

  • Jorge Betancourt

    Great workmanship! Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!

  • Tara Stevens

    Take’s time on his work and Definitely has The Art of Door Refinishing Down...

  • Dana Magnuson

    Tyler came to our home and refinished our door of our beach house! He had to strip the paint then restain and repaint. This door faces the sun and was fried!!! I wish I would have taken before and after pics!!!

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